5 ways to set goals that you can actually achieve

You need to set goals for achieving success in life because without them you lack focus and direction. Setting goals allow you to take control of your life’s direction. It is necessary because goal setting provides you a benchmark to determine your progress. Either these are short-term goals or long-term goals; you need to consciously set them for achieving success. You can only be successful when you set attainable goals for yourself.

Following are the five ways that are shared by experts to set attainable goals.

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You need to be specific:

You first need to have a clear understanding of what you want and how much effort you can give in achieving those goals. You need to view everything on a broader level. Set a timeline and a date so that you can achieve everything in steps and on time.

Write down your goals old-school method:

If you simply write down your goals, it will help you a lot in achieving them easily. You can also keep a white-board in your office to keep reminding yourself about every step that the end result involves.

Create accountability:

For achieving goals faster, you need to source the potential accountability partners. They can be your friends, family members, or any of the colleagues you trust. When those people will hold you accountable along the way, you will stay focused and on the right track.

Don’t over-promise yourself:

You need to keep your personal goals realistic. You cannot over-promise yourself by setting unnecessary optimistic goals as it will lead to aggression.

Be happy with your achievements:

Achieving the big goal is a dream for everyone. But you should not ignore the small goals that you achieve along the way. Small goals lead to achieving bigger goals so embrace the small wins. They give you a positive affirmation and also motivate you and your team member.

Via: Business Insider

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