Apple’s New Gesture for App Switcher

Just around a week, iPhone 8 and iOS 11 are expected to be launched. The developers have found new gestures in the iOS 11 that indicates the device’s app-switching abilities. The app switcher is indicated to be specifically intended for the iPhone 8.

The numerous leaks also reveal that the iPhone 8 will be devoid of the home button or a Touch ID sensor upfront and instead will have a bezel-less design. The design will have an OLED display that will cover most of the front of the iPhone 8. As there will be no home button or a Touch ID so a new set of gestures will be needed by the iOS 11 for bringing up the app switcher. The app switcher can be activated on the current iPhones by double clicking on the home button. It can also be triggered by pressing down on the left edge of the screen and swiping it to the right.

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The videos that the software prototypes are expected not to end up as the final software gestures for the flagship device. There is still a possibility that Apple might change how to access the app switcher and Control Center on the iPhone 8. The recent rumors although hint towards Apple finding a way with new gestures for iOS 11 to supplant the absence of the home button.

This will be the first time ever that an iPhone will come without any home button which has aroused a lot of interest among Apple’s fans as how the device will actually look like. But the big question is how Apple will implement its Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology.

Via: MSN

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