iorena – A Desire to Inspire | Introducing “ArchViz VR” 1st Time Ever in Pakistan

“This startup is disrupting the way real estate properties are visualized and marketed in Pakistan”

Imagine going to the booking office of the most luxurious housing project in your city to buy your dream house. But before making a buying decision you want to see how your future home would look like. So you ask their sales staff and they show you 3D views and animation of the property. That give you an idea but you are still not sure how would it feel to live in that house.

Do not worry because this startup, iorena, is now providing an innovative solution to your problem. With their most attractive offering “ArchViz VR”, now you can feel how would it look like to live your dream home before actual construction.

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“ArchViz VR – 1st Time ever in Pakistan”

ArchViz VR – is an interactive application for both Virtual Reality (VR) and desktop experience. It provides realtime architectural visualization to the user where user can move around and explore the property before actual on ground construction.

“ArchViz VR” at ABAD International Expo 2017

It is designed and developed for Constructors, Builders, Architects and Ad agencies to showcase real estate properties to their clients. This technology can also be used during architectural design process and for customer attraction at Exhibitions and Launching Events.


“iorena – A Desire to Inspire”


iorena is bridging the gap between international trends and the local real estate market of Pakistan through their creative, innovative and unique products and services.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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