Apple’s big 5.8 OLED screen on iPhone 8

With rumors speculating about Apple’s 10th-anniversary device, it seems the company has finally decided to switch to the curved. The most recent rumor report suggests that the iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch curved screen along with a small bezel.

The low-end models will be having smaller screens in comparison to the premium device. The other models might be having up to 4.7 and 5.5 inches of display screens. The wondering guesses may be indicating that the leading company is thinking of introducing a brand new touch bar styled function area in favour of the Touch ID. For accommodating this feature, Apple will likely be leaving a certain portion of the screen. But still, the Apple fans can expect to see some free usable screen space on the next iPhone.

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Apple previously revealed that Samsung may be the one with which the company could strike a deal for getting the panels. But up till now, the sources are not sure about the potential partners who will actually be creating the panels for the Apple Company.

Moreover, the additional features of the device are likely to hike the price of the iPhone 8. The price of the next-generation iPhone can easily surpass the $1,000 mark making it an extremely high priced smartphone. The next-generation handset is likely to land in three different models. The design for these models will also diverge radically from the previous iPhone models.

Apple has long been planning to switch to OLED displays but with issues relating to the supply and production; the company has not been able to bring the technology any sooner. Even with all the iPhone 8 details revealed, it’s kind of wild to think that the fate of the next-generation iPhone at least partially depends on the potential partners who will be creating the panels for the company.

Via: The Next Web

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