Scientists discover a way to upload knowledge to your brain

Our understanding of how our brain works is less advanced as compared to the understanding of our body organs. To an extent, the practical knowledge we have in our brain has yet to be embraced and put to good use. With a growing body of evidence, there are a significant number of voices championing the role of feeding information directly into our brain.

The researchers have recently developed a stimulator to help feed information directly into one’s brain for teaching them advanced skills in the shortest possible time. For them, it is the initial step taken towards the development of advanced software that will make the Matrix-style instant learning pretty much like a reality.

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The researcher studied the electric signals in the brain if a professional pilot. They then entered the data into novice subjects. According to the researchers from California-based HRL laboratories, a method has been developed in order to amplify learning. But it cannot be uploaded up to the extent as we see in the Hollywood movies. In journal frontiers, a study was published regarding Human Neuroscience. It demonstrated that the subjects that received brain stimulation through electrode-embedded head caps enhanced their piloting abilities. The subjects performed 33% better than the sample group.

Dr. Mathew Phillips explained the system as the only one of its kind brain stimulation system. It is based on a large scientific origin for the development of this system. The researchers are aiming at piloting an aircraft that requires a synergy of cognitive as well as motor performance. He states that when a person learns something, the brain physically goes through an alteration in which connections are made strengthening the process of neuroplasticity.

According to Dr. Mathew, the brain stimulation could sooner or later be implemented for learning various tasks such as preparing for exams, language learning, etc. The brain stimulation system actually targets the changes that are taking place in the specific regions of our brain as we learn.

This is not any new method for enhancing a person’s learning capabilities instead it has been used by the ancient Egyptians almost 4000 years ago in the form of an electric fish for relieving pains. Moreover, currents were applied by Ben Franklin on his head in the old days. But it was in the early 2000s that a rigorous scientific investigation of these methods actually started taking place. Today the researchers are aiming towards personalizing brain effectively in every way possible.

Via: The Telegraph

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