Prisma’s new photo filter is set to rock again

Chances are that you have seen a lot of selfies this season that has been edited with Prisma. It offers a unique blend of neural networks and artificial intelligence to help you turn your notable moments into timeless art pieces. Prisma has made a major breakthrough by allowing users to process photos without the internet in the mobile technology.

Recently, the app has generated another buzz for turning photos into work of art. It is providing users a new strategy for browsing all the different styles that are available. For some of the selected users, it also offers them to create styles of their own.

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The new interface by Prisma is named as “Store”. Filters are provided free of any cost as Prisma wants the store a way for users to browse different styles. Prisma keeps on adding to its collection of browsing styles, therefore it wants the process to be smooth.

According to the company for Prisma, there are 44 styles available. Such a big list of style sometimes is irritating for people as they have to scroll through lots of styles in order to get the desired ones. With the availability of Prisma Store, people will easily locate their favorite browsing style.

For its more loyal users, Prisma has also offered a desktop tool so that they can create the styles other than the available ones. It will help them to be creative in whatever way they want. The process is pretty simple; users need to upload the image that they want to change. Then they enhance it by modifying it with various content weights and style weights. The company claims that the process only takes an hour but the reports suggest it takes longer than that.

Via: Tech Crunch

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