Apple just released iOS 10.3 and it is impressive

Apple has finally brought an update to its iOS 10.3 which will be great for users. The company has found a way to help its customers with the missing AirPods through a feature in the Find My iPhone App. users can even search a map if their AirPods are paired with their phone or can even set up a noise alert in the application. On having trouble finding them, users can view the last location where they were synced with their device.

Through iOS 10.3 Apple has brought a new file system for its customers to help them save everything before updating. Some of the things if not saved can be lost forever because the latest file system is incompatible with the previous one. Therefore backing up the contents before updating is highly recommended for every user.

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Also, iOS Carplay feature has also been updated and users will be seeing curated playlists as well as new categories in Apple Music. The new features can also help users to get shortcuts to the previously used applications and can also view the information from the Now Playing screen regarding the song being played. Also, this feature supports for searching the parked cars in Maps. Users can even check the hourly weather in Maps with the help of 3D Touch on the displayed current temperature. With this feature, the podcast shows can be shared with a full playback support.

The company began rolling out these features recently for its iPhone, iPad, and iPod and is also planning to bring many changes to its MacOS as well as to its iOS app i.e. the Night Shift.

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