You can now order the new red iPhone

Around the unveiling of the new iPhone, there is normally a whole bunch of pomp and circumstances. But avoiding the entire wait, Apple has now allowed its user to order the phone even before the press release. Not only the iPhone but also the iPad can be ordered through the Apple’s online store.

The special edition of iPhone 7 is available at $749 whereas the bigger Plus model is available at $869. The refreshed iPad contains a 9.7-inch Retina display with 2948×1536 resolution. It has a quick 64-bit A9 processor and offers 10 hours of battery life.

The speculations regarding the new product start surfacing the news earlier in February and at that time, Apple announced that it will be introducing its new product this week. This time, it seems Apple planned something different to celebrate the inauguration of its iPhone a bit differently. It temporarily took down its online store and left suspicious messages for customers for offering something very special. And then during the same day, the company actually revealed its latest iPad and the red iPhone.

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The company continued with this trick this Friday as well, where again it temporarily took down its online store and came up with this online order option for its customers. This red branding can be ordered everywhere except China.

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