First women arrested in Cyber Crime case in Pakistan

The internet today, is among the fastest growing areas of technical infrastructure development. The growing trend towards digitization is increasing the demand for internet as well as computer connectivity. This increase has led to the integration of computer technology into devices that were used to function without it. The easy availability of internet has offered a number of advantages for society in general, however; the growth of the information society is accompanied by new and serious threats such as cyber crime and cyber security. These are the issues that are creating major problems in many developed as well as developing countries around the world.

Many people get arrested for committing crimes involving computer technology. One such recent incident involves a Pakistani woman named Sadia Mirza who has been accused of blackmailing a man living in London, Ahsan Rana. His brother filed a complaint against the women for allegedly sending messages to Rana through Facebook and asking for money in return. This woman was arrested on Saturday by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Pakistan. She is one of the first females to be arrested for being involved in blackmailing activities on social media.

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The team that took her into custody was headed by Inspector Humaira Kanwal and was conducting all investigation on her part. This case has been registered under the Prevention of Electronics Crimes Act, 2016-clauses 20(1) and 24(b) (c). For now, Mirza has been moved to the section of women of a local police station on remand. The comprehensive approach is carried out by the federal government of Pakistan in order to control the social media activities in the country. An adequate legislation is necessary for developing the cyber security legal framework.

Via: Geo TV


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