Apple is challenging WhatsApp and Mark Zuckerberg knows it

WhatsApp is one of the world’s largest messaging service. WhatsApp has 450 million daily users and 100 million voice calls are made daily making it the biggest in the game. Apple seems to have a different idea.

WhatsApp eats your phone space, Apple’s iCloud is one of the best feature of iPhone, it stores your media and that means, you are never worried about any space issues on your iPhone. iMessenger, an iPhone app is a very popular app. Apple is bringing some innovative changes in the app very similar to WhatsApp.

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The app will allow iPhone users to set a profile picture, display name and users will be able to select who can see this information. Apple also plans to introduce Memojis, it is a pure apple thing in iOS 12. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg said, Apple is Facebook’s ‘biggest competitor by far’ in messaging. He could foresee that Facebook’s biggest competitor in the messaging space is Apple’s iMessage.

The one competitive edge WhatsApp still has over iMessage is its massive user base and WhatsApp web version which will get all App version very soon. Only the time will tell if iMessage is able to challenge WhatsApp in the future.

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