Amazon now has its own ‘Instagram’

Amazon today will be launching what could perhaps be the most wanted app and shape e-commerce industry in the times to come. The app is a social network for shoppers called Amazon Spark, pretty similar to Instagram but focused on product search and shop.

According to TechCrunch, The idea is to shift some of the social activity around products taking place off-site back to Amazon, where product inspiration can translate directly into purchases with a click of a button.

Amazon has been working on the product for some time in Beta mode. Initially the app will be launched in USA for iPhone Amazon users but will be rolled out to other regions gradually.

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The prime objective of the app is to focus on trending products that can be purchased easily, with one click thus maximizing the exposure and resulting in increased sales.

It is learned that the interface will be more of a feed style, pretty similar to Instagram has as revealed by Tech Crunch in their post. Right now, Amazon Spark is only available in Amazon iPhone mobile app and does not support the desktop version.techcrunch_Amazon



















To shop the photos on Amazon’s site is much easier and better user experience than Instagram because in later, the labels are tagged in the photos and there is no way to go directly to the product page.

Since the product images are linked directly with Amazon inventory, shopping is a seamless experience and quicker too, with a click of a button.

The way this app is designed, it seems like Amazon users will be able to earn good money from Spark postings.

Spark seems all set to be a unique social network for shoppers.

Via: Tech Crunch

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