Apple launches a machine learning blog

Last year, Apple’s AI director Russ Salakhutdinov had announced that Apple plans to start its machine learning research. The company previously has not been very open about its research but after this announcement, it published its first AI paper in an academic journal. Recently, Apple has taken this effort to a new level with a debut with its Machine Learning Journal.

This is a journal where Apple fans can read posts written by its engineers. These posts will be about their work using machine learning technologies which will be assistance for people to build innovative products. The post encourages people around the world including researchers, student, engineers, and developers to contact the journal and provide feedback for these posts.

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The first post so far describes how to use synthetic images and how to make sure that they look real as possible. Apple’s liking for its secrecy has kept many researchers from working for its team. In such time of advancement, researchers prefer their work to be recognized rather than keeping it a secret. This step by Apple would help attract a lot of new talent to show their skills regarding academic publications and journals. Apple is reported to be publishing its journal throughout the year initially.

Via: 9to5 Mac

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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