Got a slow internet connection, here is how you can increase the net speed

Over the past few years, the internet signals have significantly improved. But still, WiFi isn’t without issue. Once you have set up your home network then there are several common issues that may run into your WiFi making it slow. There are some issues because of which the speed of your internet is bogged down. That doesn’t mean stopping of your internet connection at once rather it will become irritatingly slower than normal.

The slower connection of your internet can be fixed by removing few of the obstacles that do not get our attention at first. Following are the enemies of the speed of your WiFi, therefore, you need to identify them and fix the problem.

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  • Walls, floors, and distance:

The speed of the router decreases as you step away from it. Walls, floors, and distance reduce the speed although new modern routers do have the ability to cover most distance. Another big obstacle that blocks the wireless internet signals are the plaster-and-lath walls that have a corrugated wire inside. The walls are more responsible for blocking the signals rather than floors and ceilings do. Therefore this requires you to reposition your router.

  • Microwaves:

Home appliances are also responsible for reducing the speed of your WiFi such as a microwave and bay monitors. There signals interfere with the router’s signals because they themselves emit wireless signals.

The same 2.4GHz frequency is being used by microwaves and baby monitors and cause problems for the internet signals. Therefore no matter what the layout of your house is, move all such appliances away from your router.

  • Other wireless electronics:

Also, other electronics that are wireless can cause issue with your router’s speed. These include fridges, freezers; blue tooth devices etc. can cause disruption to the wireless stream.

  • Household items:

There are other household items that can cause WiFi strength to break down. Other potential threats may include fairy lights, electric blankets; marble, mirrors, ceramics etc. may also keep the speed of your router slower.

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