Alexa digital assistant brought to flagship Android App

Previously Amazon introduced Alexa to a wider range of audience. It made it possible for the virtual assistant a feature that could be accessed within the retailer’s main shopping app. but this feature up till now was available just for the iPhone users. This week Amazon has brought Alexa for the Android users as well.

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On Google’s Play Store, about five million downloads have been made up till now and the shopping service’s flagship app currently sits around 100 to 500 million. This feature will be helpful for millions of users who may not own an Alexa-powered device.

The in-app version of Alexa has the ability to do everything on the iOS as it does on an Echo, Dot, or Tap speaker. Users may not have demanded this kind of feature from Amazon but it is an extremely good step by the company to show Alexa’s capabilities and making it more attractive to customers.

Via: Tech Crunch

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