Instagram lets you save live videos

Instagram is home to some of the most creative social media minds in the businesses. Social media has come up with incredible ways to make use of the ever-growing social network. The video being the hottest ticket in social media right now, one of Facebook’s most powerful ways to compete and deliver even more video content is Instagram.

After adding Stories, a live streaming feature was added to Instagram.  But the problem with the live stream was once it was finished, it was gone forever. But now Instagram allows its users to save videos to watch for later.

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The process requires users to click on the Save button on the upper right corner of the app once a broadcast ends. The video will disappear from the Instagram but it will be saved to camera roll. This will enable users to repost it on the platform if they want to.

The streamer will have the option to keep their streams and this probably will increase the occasions that people decide to go live. Previously, people were hesitant to go live during an important occasion with the fear of losing the footage forever.

The update is available for iOS and Android phones. The feature includes only the video but the comments, likes, and views are gone forever. Also, video can be saved only immediately after it is finished and there is no going back for the video if a user forgot to save it at that time.




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