According to a Silicon Valley psychologist, these are three skills a manager should have

When you don’t have the title of a manager on the list then it is hard to land on a management position. For acquiring a manager position you need to have a five or ten years of experience which can make your management effective. But if you do not have this much experience but are still interested in becoming a manager. Following are the skills that you should adopt in order to get the management experience in the shortest possible time.

1. Set clear goals:

You may have been a high performing employee on the basis of which you are promoted to a managerial post. But being a manager is a whole lot different than just overworking or completing a project efficiently. It is how you manage the work with the other workers. You need to set goals and make them understandable to your team clearly. Ask for direct reports from the members of the team which will make them feel valued and as you show interest in their abilities, they will stay motivated. You need to set these goals by understanding the strengths of the employee and how far they can take it. Select the tasks according to their inspiration and what excites them the most. Once your team will have a clear direction to follow, it will be possible to achieve goals faster.

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2. Make everyone contribute:

According to the research by Amy Edmondson from the Harvard Business School, a leader is the one who builds a culture of trust when everybody knows they are contributing completely. You need to create an environment where everyone feels that their participation is valued and their ideas are given importance by the manager. As a manager, you need to ask genuine questions and listen to what your team members have to tell. You need to be interested in everyone’s perspective no matter on what level they are and have to be enthusiastic about the goals. Once you adopt these behaviors, creativity and innovation thrive among the team members.

3. Embrace the setbacks:

As a manger you need to understand that you can grow your brain’s capacity to learn and be able to solve problems. This learning comes from setbacks and failures which should be acceptable to you. As a manager the fear of failure should not stop you from taking decisions that can take you forward. Instead you should have the tendency about personal growth all kinds of situations. Embrace the failures and they will teach you more than you may have learned through the years of education.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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