A powerful android malware ‘Skygofree’ is stealing your WhatsApp messages

An advanced Malware which is capable of stealing your WhatsApp messages and secretly recording android phone calls is un earthed by security researchers. Researchers named ‘Skygofree‘ first found about this Malware that is trained to infect Android smartphones and has a massive hacking capability that is never seen before.

This massive Malware can not only attack your Android phone but can also transform it into a spy device by using the locations, stealing WhatsApp audio and video conversations, capturing pictures and voice notes.

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This malware was created in 2014 and has been evolving over the years with the massive ability to infect Android phones using Wi-Fi networks by other attackers from all over the world

According to Kaspersky Lab, the Malware seems to be developed in Italy.

Given the artefacts we discovered in the malware code and our analysis of the infrastructure, we have a high level of confidence that the developer behind the Skygofree implants is an Italian IT company that offers surveillance solutions, rather like HackingTeam.

All Android users are advised to defend their smartphones using security software in order to ensure maximum safety and avoid any kind of possible malware threat.

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