A Former Apple Employee Tells ’11 Rules For Success’ Given To Him

The definition of success is pretty much different for everyone and the same strategy cannot be applied to every scenario. However, one can gain a little bit of inspiration by following some of the widely accepted norms regarding success.

Recently, a former Apple employee shared his secrets to attaining success by showing the picture of the back of his card that was given to him when he was hired by the company in 2004. Following are revealed the golden rules of success that were given to him for staying motivated. Huxley Dunsany shares the 11 rules of success handed over to him by his boss in a post on Reddit.

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Apple’s rules for success:

  1. Let go of the past and make the most of what is yet to come.
  2. It’s better to hear the bad news sooner than later therefore always tell the truth.
  3. Do not just become a good salesperson. Try to become a good businessperson.
  4. Always ask questions whenever in doubt.
  5. Everyone sweeps the floor.
  6. Be professional in whatever you do may it be your speech or style.
  7. Pay attention to customers as they always get it.
  8. Create good relationship with you partners.
  9. Do not take yourself too seriously.
  10. Share information with other people.
  11. Have fun in your life otherwise, it’s no use of all the hard work.

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These are the rules Apple wants its whole team to live by. This is actually something that has helped the company a lot to attain success.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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