Facebook secretly launched a mobile app in China

Facebook has not been making much of a progress in China lately but it seems the company is now focusing on its growth there as well. In May, Facebook launched a photo sharing app in China which named as Colorful balloons. This is the app that is similar to the company’s Moments without any of the official branding involved that can lead to a guaranteed rejection. The app was developed by Young LLC who has not advertised its affiliation with Facebook.

Facebook has not openly confirmed about its involvement in the app but a spokesperson stated that the company had always been interested in China. Facebook is right now just trying to understand and learn about the dynamics of the country.

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Also, it is also not confirmed whether the Chinese regulators are aware of the app and may not know who is running the app in reality. This can be a problem if it is revealed that Facebook is behind it. Facebook was banned in China in 2009. Since then the company is trying to connect to the world including the world’s most populous nation. The social media network has bent backward to publicly court China. This includes multiple visits by Mark Zuckerberg who has decided upon keeping it more secretive.

The developer for the app has been listed in Apple’s app store as Youge Internet Technology with a Beijing address and allows users to group and share images from their phone’s album through a QR code.

Via: Engadget

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