8 amazing psychology facts you should avoid telling others

Psychology and Philosophy were always considered the same thing before 1870 when Psychology became an independent field. People have done PHD on Psychology and it has become a proper profession to heal people suffering from different disorders.

Here are 8 selective amazing Psychology facts. If you can co-relate to them, share your thoughts in the comments section.

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1- Don’t tell your goals to anyone

It’s a psychological fact as done in various tests, you lose motivation and a desire to accomplish your goal if you tell it to someone. When you reveal your goal, it gives you internal satisfaction therefore acting as a hindrance in ensuring the accomplishment of that goal.

2- Your favorite song is associated with your emotions, life event

We all have our one or more favorite songs. Study reveals that it is because the lyrics are too close to our heart and they resemble a particular emotional event that has taken place in the past. Music always has a direct effect on our emotions.

3 – Music effects the way we perceive the world

According to a research done at University of Groningen, music has a direct and very dramatic effect on our perception. People see happy faces or sad faces based on the music track that is played which proves the impact of music on perception of things.

4 – Spending money on others give you more satisfaction than on yourself

According to a research done at Harvard, people feel good when they spend money on others than on themselves.

5- You will be happy spending money on experiences than possessing things

Vacations, exploring new places and getting new life experiences make you more happy than possessing materialistic things, a research states. If you have money, spend it on yourself, experience new places rather than investing all the money for the future.

6 – Being religious reduces anxiety and stress

According to a research, those who are firm in their religious belief and are regular in such activities have lesser level of stress than those who do not. Spending time with your creator, praying reduces anxiety and ensures a healthier life.

7 – Earning more than $75,000 a year does little to added happiness.

A study was performed on 450,000 US citizens in 2008-09 and it revealed interesting fact. People who earn more than $75,000, that money does not add to happiness as it is just additional money.

8 – If you surround yourself with happy people, you stay happy

They say, you are an average of 5 people you surround yourself with. If you surround around happy people, they reduce your stress and you stay happy. Happy means healthy, it is very important to pick your friends wisely.


The Article originally appeared on WhyDontYouTryThis and all research sources are given in the article

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