Salim Ghauri – From Nothing to Everything

For the IT industry in Pakistan and Asia, Salim Ghauri is known as a leading role model. He is the founder of the IT Company Netsol. Before setting up the company, he was a successful IT consultant in Australia where he worked in Sydney with BHP Steel as a system integrator. In the company, he was responsible for finding out the hardware and software solutions and the introduction of a PC-based network has been recognized one of his achievements in the Australia.

The foreign experience made him feel that his contributions were needed by the IT sector in Pakistan. This sense of patriotism brought him back to the country and he started working on his dream of Pakistan having an IT platform on its own. He left a good life in Australia to establish his own IT Company with a desire make it a globally recognized corporation.

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It wasn’t easy for Salim Ghauri as the developers in Pakistan have never been given a chance for being recognized around the world. For setting the foundation of his company Netsol, he had to face many problems as the image of Pakistan was that the software industry does not even exist. From the beginning, the corporation was focused on the international market and the Asian market.

The journey was not rosy at all as in 2001, the IT market got crashed, and the company lost most of its clients. But one thing that kept him running the business was never to lose hope. He continued doing his work although he failed so many times but always accepted his failures and moved on. He did not blame the world for his setbacks instead he learned from them and improved on his strategies. Success took time to come to him but Salim Ghauri’s struggle brought passion, energy, and commitment to entrepreneurship in the country that has been inspiring the new generation of entrepreneurs and students.

Today, NetSol is first and only Pakistani company trading on NASDAQ since 1999 and is one of the leading world IT firm in Asia. Salim is the founder & CEO of NetSol Technologies

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