6 simple ways to improve your mental health

For a long period of time, the issue of mental health remained as a curtain of stigma and discrimination among people. But from past few years, it has been brought out into the open. It is because the magnitude of this suffering alone has cost lives of so many individuals, families, and societies. The openness of this issue has brought awareness of this enormous burden and the potential for mental health gains. There is a need to enhance our investment in mental health substantially. There may be so much knowledge existing to make the investment but following are the easier ways that can make people become happier.

Stop worrying:

We waste most of the time in our life for worrying on things which are not in our control. We worry about things that could happen in our life but didn’t happen, we worry about things that have happened in our life already, but we cannot do anything about them. According to psychiatrist, if there is no solution to a problem then don’t waste time worrying about it. Even if there is a solution, we cannot make it better by worrying about it.

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The reason for anger:

Sometimes we are mad about something that it brings stress and frustration to our life. But we need to understand that sometimes we are angry at someone or something for some other reason. Our anger can be an outward expression when we are hurt or have a fear of losing something.

Be nice to yourself:

Mostly we think of ourselves nothing more than a trash and do not give any importance to our own self. But according to this brings harms to our mind and body. Therefore valuing ourselves and paying attention to our needs is something that can help us a lot to remove stress from our lives.

Be nice to others:

The biggest reason of frustration in our life is when we compare ourselves to others. We can calm ourselves down by stop thinking what others are saying, wearing, eating etc. We can start it all by stop judging others and being nice to everyone around us.

Stop saying you are fine:

When we are in a bad situation, we pretend in front of others that we are fine. We hide our problems and issues with a fear what people might think of us. Expressing our true feelings to the people who care for us helps a lot in feeling better. So the best way is to accept when we are not fine and say it.

Don’t leave anything unsaid:

We do not take advantage of the opportunities we have right now. We don’t express our true feelings to the people. When the words are left unspoken, they hurt more than anything else. So we should people that you love them and care for them.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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