7 Health foods you are better off avoiding

Eating healthy food has become a preference for everyone nowadays. There is a craze going on for being too health conscious and going after the things that are self-though to be of high quality. But surprisingly, the supposedly healthy food isn’t actually good for you.

You need to get aware of the seemingly healthy food and should skip buying it on your next trip to the grocery store.

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People prefer juice over eating fruit but this is really not providing any good to your health. When you juice the fruits you actually remove the fiber and there is nothing left except the sugar which can cause low energy, mood swings, and losing of muscle mass if used for long-term.

Coconut oil:

People think that coconut oil is roughly identical to olive oil. But coconut oil has 12 grams of saturated fat with only one gram of healthy fat. These saturated fats are linked to high cholesterol levels and a possibility for type 2 diabetes. So coconut oil should be avoided for consumption.

Egg whites:

Past years has seen an increasing trend when people began avoiding egg yolks and going for whites only. But the recent researches have proved that the dietary cholesterol does not affect your blood cholesterol much. So unless your cholesterol is high, eat the eggs whole.

Low-fat products:

People think that the so-called low-fat products will bring a good impact on health. But the studies have proved that this is highly unlikely. These products do not save you from diseases. Healthy fats from nuts, fish, and avocados are actually good for you.


There has been a trend of taking multi-vitamins regularly. But studies have proved that you can get more of these substances from food rather than relying on pills.

Sports drinks:

People have been provided wrong information about sports drinks that they prepare you for a workout. But it has been proven wrong by researchers and only 20 grams of protein is advised by eating or drinking.


Unless you have been poisoned, you do not need to detox your body. There is no need to buy these drinks because there is nothing that can detoxify a body. Your liver and kidneys work together to remove all toxins from your body so just rely on these natural powerhouses.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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