5 Lessons to learn before midlife

In life, we waste so much energy and time in making decisions that are wrong. We make effort to follow our passion but the outer measures of success fail to provide us with fulfilment, meaning, and wholehearted contentment we are longing for. We keep on figuring out things that can work best for us but wish if we could take the path that leads us to our goals sooner.

Following are the few powerful life lessons of life that will help you not to waste your time and energy on making the wrong choice.

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Never compromise your soul:

There are certain things that can be compromised such as the size of your home, the location of your job, the length of your commute etc. but the thing that should never be compromised is your soul because you will experience disastrous outcomes if you do so. Do what is required to honor your soul and never compromise on it.

Use your wisdom while choosing whom to trust:

The people whom you are in relationship with, dramatically impact the quality of your life. Do not love and trust the people who mistreat you or hurt you. Be incredibly sharp in choosing the people for friendship, partnership etc. and if they violate your trust, don’t waste energy and time to take strong decisions.

Express your honor and creativity:

Allow yourself to see what is inside you and do not press the creative abilities that you had in your childhood and teenage. Nurture the creative force inside you and your world will change overnight. Your work will become a way to express your creative longings and abilities.

Let go of the pain, anger, and resentment:

Because of relationships, jobs, and colleagues sometimes, you have to experience pain, anger, and resentment in your life. It is because life is filled with hard bumps that can leave us stranded and broken. But it can be beautiful if you realize if you stop yourself from drowning in the poison of hate and devastated dreams. Let go of the resentments and move on to keep building a meaningful life.

Get help when you don’t have the energy to change what is necessary:

You may not think it is required but when you feel you cannot do it alone, get some help. Find a mentor or a friend who loves and respects you. With the right kind of help, you can get moving towards what you really want.

Via: Business Insider

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