5 ways to become an inspirational leader

The image of a leader with buttoned-up shirt and a grey suit hauling around a hefty briefcase has been forgotten now. Today, the standout leaders possess certain qualities and characteristics which make them capable of leading a team. Leaders are capable to create enthusiasm, empower their team, build up confidence, and inspire the people around them. These are the qualities that may come from within but there are some traits that can be learned to become an inspirational leader.

Following are the traits that you can adapt to become the leader your team wants you to be:

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You must give them a vision:

No organization can work until it works towards the accomplishment of a vision. No matter what level you have, if you provide your team with a vision; they will work hard towards achieving that goal. You can set a guidepost for the team to strive for.

Get your team involved:

Just giving people a vision is not enough, you need to get them engaged so that they can contribute to what you want them to achieve. You need to make it clear what role they are going to play in bringing that vision into a reality. When you will get them involved right from the beginning, they will see you as an inspiration and will work harder.


You cannot be a great leader by just setting up a vision and making your team work for it. Unless you will demonstrate that you are also equally participating towards that goal, people will not be much interested in your vision. Be a role model and tell them how work gets done and how problems are solved. This is how you will act like an inspirational leader on constant basis.

Enjoy the accomplishments:

When you work with your team then enjoy every bit of your accomplishment along the way. This is going to make them feel motivated by your leadership and will give the hint what the success will look like in the end. Make them feel good about what they doing and that is what makes a leader truly inspirational.

Encourage risk-taking:

Mistakes are made both individually and collectively but true leaders create an environment that encourages risk-taking. Instead of pushing people away for their mistakes, make them learn from their mistakes. Encourage them by going forward from your own mistakes and learn never to repeat them.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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