6 Ways to improve your problem-solving skills

Everyone faces problems that need solving whether an issue is big or small. You all set goals for yourself, face challenges, and strive to overcome them. You sometimes offer fast-track solutions to problems which increase your value as an expert automatically. But you need to understand that for becoming a problem solver you need to have a whole mindset that drives you to bring out the best and be very clear on the direction.

It is very important to become logical and systematic when it comes to problem-solving. It can help you to make effective decisions that can improve your personal and professional life. The following are the ways that can help to improve your ability to solve problems:

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1- Visualize a problem:

To solve any kind of issue, you need to visualize the problem and focus on it. It will stimulate your brain and increase your ability for creative thinking. For this purpose, create a mind map by drawing your problem as the central idea. For all the reasons as problems add main branches and use the sub-branches in order to explore further details. This exercise will help you to become aware of the branch or option that can work out the best for you.

2- Play soccer game:

According to studies, a strong link has been found between the human brain’s executive functions and the soccer game. When you are in action, your brain multitasks between anticipating, reacting, and performing. This sends your brain into a highly engaged condition. The same can be considered when you are working and problem-solving at once. Soccer is a game that can help to rewire your brain to be quicker at processing and responding to problems.

3- Perform Yoga:

The University of Illinois has carried out a study that shows that there is a powerful combination of body awareness and breathing. During yoga practice, it helps to increase cognitive test scores.

4- Make sketches:

For solving problems, you should always keep an idea journal with you. It will help you to write down your experiences and make sketches. When you create your ideas in the form of sketches on paper, it will be easier to process all your thoughts by viewing them.

5- Listen to music:

According to studies, listening to music while working can stimulate and increase cognitive arousal while helping to organize cognitive output. The participants who were involved in one of the studies showed doubled scores on the verbal fluency tests in contrast to when they worked in complete silence.

6- Play logic puzzles:

To improve your problem-solving skills, you need to play brain-boosting games such as Chess, Sudoku, or the Rubik’s Cube. It helps you to apply realistic strategic thinking to situations. These are the games that can build up your brain muscles and develop new problem-solving techniques.


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