Instagram may soon let you locate your friends: Check Details

Instagram may soon let you locate your friends

Instagram, claimed by Meta, is one of the most generally utilized social networking sites for keeping in contact with loved ones.

The Snap Map feature on Snapchat may be familiar to you. It appears that Instagram is developing a feature dubbed “Friend Map” that is comparable.

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instagram location map

Known for finding many Instagram features before their official release, Alessandro Paluzzi has posted screenshots of Instagram’s “Friend Map” feature on Threads.

You should be able to see your friends on a map thanks to the Friend Map function, based on what the screenshots show. To share what’s going on wherever you are, you may also be able to leave notes for the Map alone.

You should be able to control who can see your location on the map with the Friend Map. You may choose to share your location with those who follow you back, or you may choose to share your most recent location with just your Close Friends.

It is important to note that end-to-end encryption is expected for your location.

Furthermore, based on the screenshots, your position will only be updated on the Friend Map when you access Instagram. Instagram’s Friend Map is anticipated to have a “Ghost mode” that lets you conceal your most recent active position, much like Snapchat’s Snap Map.

We believe that having the ability to restrict who can view your location and having choices like Ghost mode available gives people the privacy and control they deserve.

Additionally, by having real-time location visibility into friends’ movements and activities, users can strengthen their bonds with their peers.


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