6 ways to connect with your inner wisdom for better guidance

Even though there are days when you feel off track, your mood is low, and everything seems to be running on the wrong path but you never truly get disconnected from your core essence.

Jumping between past and future, you become embroiled in an excessive mental chatter and it resists life as well as the resulting emotions. You may think that being connected means transcending emotions essentially feeling blissful all the time. But in reality, you can be guided by your core essence and feel your emotions without having to escape, judge, or even seek any meaning in them.

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Following are the ways you can connect to your inner wisdom:

1- Pay attention to other senses:

The messages that come from inner wisdom are usually quieter than the normal chatter around. This is the reason that you need to pay attention to other senses by using relaxing techniques to develop the sensitivity that is required. Understanding all your senses will help you connect better with your inner wisdom.

2- Take notice of your dreams:

Sometimes when the cognitive mind is busy, it can override your subconscious mind and makes it hard for the subconscious mind to expand. On the other hand, when you are asleep, many new possibilities open up for the unconscious mind and it unveils itself in the form of dreams.

3- Being creative:

Your creative mind also helps to connect with inner wisdom especially when you allow free movement in the form of drawing, singing, writing, etc. This is a way to pass the analytical aspect of your mind and in doing so; you become connected to your energies, sensations, and all feelings.

4- Recall your past:

Sometimes, in order to connect to your inner wisdom, you need to recall past negative experiences. The gut feeling that you have about it indicates that something wasn’t right. If you talk to yourself, you can recall as many details and the way you felt the experience. The more you connect with them, the more likely you will understand them the next time when such things happen.

5- Slow down:

It is very important to slow down in order to connect to your inner wisdom. It is hard to pay attention to sensitive feelings when you are very busy, therefore, spend a day in comfort without any plans. It will help to bring more clarity to your mind.

6- Be kind to yourself:

You must love yourself when you get an intuitive hunch no matter how disruptive it feels to you. Pay attention to the messages that arise from within with kindness and curiosity.

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