22 Amazing Psychology facts to help you better understand other people

Habits of highly successful people

Bright Side explores amazing, mind-blowing facts that we never notice about people. The small details unveil the personality of people.

This gives us an interesting insight into how and why people behave the way they do, treat others, and express themselves.

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  1. A friendship that took place between the ages group of 16 to 28 is highly likely to last lifelong.
  2. Women generally prefer men with a deep husky voice as it makes them confident and not aggressive.
  3. Those who give the best advice are generally the ones with the most problems.
  4. Your sloppier handwriting depicts that you are smart and intelligent.
  5. Emotions are not proportional to the way we communicate, our communication is highly dependent on our mood.
  6. Got a strong sense of guilt? You are in a better position to understand other feelings and thoughts.
  7. Men make more jokes than women but that does not mean they are funnier than women. They just don’t care about others’ responses to their humor.
  8. Shy people talk less about themselves but they act in a way that other people feel they know them well.
  9. Women have double pain thresh-hold than men.
  10. Listening to high-frequency music makes you relax, and feel calm and happy.
  11. Can’t stop your thoughts at night, get up and write them down. You will sleep better.
  12. Good morning, Goodnights text messages activate the brain cells that trigger happiness.
  13. Doing things that scare you makes you confident and happier.
  14. People who try to keep everyone happy are often the loneliest.
  15. If you are happy, you require less sleep.
  16. Holding the hands of your loved ones makes you worry less, and feel less pain.
  17. Intelligent people usually have fewer friends than average people because they are selective.
  18. People who speak 2 languages can switch personalities as they switch languages.
  19. Being alone and often sad can hurt you as badly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
  20. Traveling decreases depression and also the risk of a heart attack.
  21. People look highly attractive when they are confident about the topic the discussion is about.
  22. In a conversation between the two, one not making eye contact, or moving foot in the outward direction is a sign of their disagreement and lack of interest in the talk.
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