6 Things that make you happier than others

We wonder how some of the people see positive opportunities where we see doors shut? How they find peace in the work they do? And what helps them to face setbacks and failures so confidently and gracefully? It seems like they are the people from some other planet who exactly know how to move in their desired direction. But the good news is that we can also learn to be like those people. All such happy people give us the hope that no matter how terrible our days are, it is possible to stay happy. Just by changing attitude towards life can change it dramatically.

Following are the things that happy people always do but never talk about:

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1. They prefer quality in making relationships:

For happy people, the number of friends does not count. It is the quality of their relationship that matter the most for them. they make few close friends that help them to live a longer and better quality of life, according to studies, people who have friends with whom they can discuss their problems are  more likely to stay very happy in their life.

2. They do not tie their happiness with external events:

Linking happiness with external factors never benefits in the long-run. Happy people avoid limiting their peace by attaching it to something they could attain to become happy.

3. They indulge in physical activity:

Over the years it has been proven that doing exercise can make you feel better. Happy people commit themselves to performing any kind of physical task that they like. They pay attention to their body image and stay healthy to avoid any kind of damages to their physical or mental ability.

4. They improve upon their skills:

Satisfaction gives you innermost happiness and this is something happy people stick to. They identify the skills they are good at and then spend time in improving them. It might make them get out of their comfort zone but they prefer short-term discomfort for long-term happiness.

5. They remain wise about the present moment:

When you are in a rush, you fail to avail all the opportunities to their full potential and feel miserable in the end. The key secret of happiness is to live life and perform everything at a comfortable pace. Happy people do expand their comfort zone but do not allow it to overwhelm them.

6. They do not block negative emotions:

According to experts until you do not cross the bridge of your insecurities, you fail to explore the opportunities available to you. People who remain happy do not shun their sad emotions. They accept emotions such as disappointments, irritation, embarrassment, and with an open heart. They consider these emotions as an indication to solve the problems they are stuck in. they learn from every moment and make it a lesson for a lifetime.

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