6 recharging ways to motivate yourself when you are down

Have you ever imagined Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, or Elon Musk waking up on a Monday morning and pressing the snooze button repeatedly just because they do not feel like going into the office? It would be quite a surprise for many people to imagine these successful people ever doing something like this. But it seems quite normal when we imagine ourselves doing that or from the people around us. These are the times when lack of motivation hits us hard. Such people struggle to re-energize and press on.

For people who feel low on self-motivation, following are the few steps to recharge:

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Set a personal mission:

Every business has a mission that keeps it going and performing well for achieving its goals. Staying in the business that already has defined its goal, it is hard to keep yourself motivated every day. But creating a personal mission can help you in that. Develop a mission statement and paste it on your calendar app so that you see it every day and remember it.

Take time for yourself:

Working all day for your business can consume you completely. You can stop the working cycle and take a break engaging yourself in any hobby or time with your family. When you constantly devote yourself to business, your motivation suffers a lot.

Relish the accomplishments:

Thinking about your goals in the future is good but sometimes you need to look back in order to be able to continue looking forward. Take time out to look at your old photo albums or your school’s yearbook to see how times have passed by. This will make you remember the challenges you faced and how you felt at those moments. Reliving these past memories will make you realize how you accomplished a lot in the past years.

Help others:

Staying motivated is not hard if you help others. When you have reached a point in your own business, it is time when you can help people who are beginning to set the foundation for themselves. Sign-up for mentoring sites who need experts in their field and volunteer your time and advice for the new entrants in the industry.

Change a set routine:

You stay disciplined when you have a routine. But it’s natural to get bored of that routine so change it after some times. Change your routine every week or month to stop getting bored. You can create different routines and can keep rotating them often.

Build a support network:

Doing business on your own can sometimes make you feel lonely. Keep yourself motivated by setting up a supporting network. This network should be helpful whenever you need an advice, encouragement, or inspiration. This network can be your mentor, your spouse, or your best friend.

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