5 ways of handling rejection by confident people

Rejections and failures are a regular feature of our everyday life no matter how successful we become. There is a risk involved when we reach out for something such as acceptance, approval, the opinion of friends and family etc. The certainty of rejection makes some people react to it even if it isn’t intended. In certain circumstances, a possible rejection is usually an active concern for most of the people. It is because rejection is hard to accept but it doesn’t have to break you. There are some people who stride right through when they face rejection. This may slow them down a bit but they get strength from it the long-run.

These are the people who feel confident even when they face e badly. There are few secrets for to deal with rejection:

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Confident people accept rejection:

One of the ways confident people deal with rejection is that they accept whatever has happened instead of denying it. They take time to focus on what happened and draw on their resources to strategize next steps once they face rejection.

They examine and learn:

One of the secrets that make rejection easier to accept is that they assess. They examine what happened and what part they played in getting it rejected. The see how they can learn and improve which makes them feel less pain. For them rejection is a part of their growth experience.

They don’t dwell on things:

Confident people do not obsess over what happened because it is out of their control. Their approach is to figure out what caused their rejection, learn from it, and move on. They do not get stuck in the past and focus on growing more.

Rejection isn’t personal:

When people are not confident, they take rejection as a conspiracy against them. Instead of focusing on the cause of rejection they think about the world is going against them. Confident people look at rejection from various perspectives and do not consider it personal. They never confuse their personal value with rejection.

They surround themselves with positive people:

Confident people surround themselves with a support group that remind them of their best traits and keep them going even when the time is tough. They maintain their grip on positivity, creativity, friends, and most importantly with their family.

Via: Business Insider

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