5 ways to set appropriate boundaries around you and make others respect you


The physical distance between two individuals in a social, family, or work environment is generally referred to as personal space. There is an invisible shield you form around every relationship but it varies from person to person. It depends on what kind of a relationship you have with the other person, how well you know that person, and how much you trust them. But it is very important to understand why you need personal space and how you can manage to have it.

Following are the ways that can help you to set appropriate boundaries and make others respect them:

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Give importance to your individuality:

When you become part of a personal or professional relationship, you find yourself treated as part of a conglomerate. But if you find that after connecting to a relationship you have lost your individuality, then you need to insist on personal space. Keep things that define who you are and what you desire.

Try not to be interfering too much:

It happens that when you have personal or professional relationships, you focus all your energies towards staying connected to them. When you will be with the same individual all the time, it won’t help that much to grow personally and professionally. Do find time to spend with your friends and family but spend time with yourself as well. Take up a hobby or go out for a walk alone so that your relationships do not become uninteresting.

Be yourself:

Some people start a business because of the same interests. They do it with the view of spending more time together and concentrating more effectively because of the similar thinking patterns. But too much of the same things make everything boring and take away you individuality. Therefore, be your own self and do something of your own. Even if you have a similar hobby as your partner it does not mean you cannot think something on your own. Do something on your own and carve out the personal space that you need.

Absence is the key to a stronger relationship:

No matter it’s for professional or personal reasons, a little absence can help you retail your importance. It is always better that things keep changing so that you can learn more in a working environment. Because meeting similar people and discussing the same ideas over and over again can make you stuck. Therefore, spend some time meeting new people and getting fresh ideas so that your relationship stays on a healthy track and you grow throughout the process.

Keep an eye on the purpose:

While connecting with your relationships you must know why you spend time with particular people. You must know the reason so that you can achieve what is in your mind. You need to evaluate your needs and figure out what you want. Having your personal space will help you focus more on the reasons that you have behind your personal and professional relationship.

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