5 ways to exude confidence at any platform

For achieving success, appearance matter a lot. Although some of the people are more confident than others for many reasons but anyone can learn the tricks to carry themselves around to create a better impact. Contrary to what people believe, confidence is a skill that can be learned. It can be improved with practice and can be made stronger with a little bit of effort.

Confidence becomes of more importance when you are new to a place because then your appearance indicates what kind of a personality you have. Following are the ways to exude confidence at any networking even:

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Be well groomed:

When you are well groomed, you naturally get more confidence. That does not require you to wear expensive attire; even clean clothes and a fresh face can make the best impact. It adds a lot to your personality and you are perceived well when meeting new people.

Analyze why you are going to a networking event:

Being prepared for an event beforehand can help a lot in getting out what you want from it. Think why you need to be at a place, what you want to get out of an event, and how you can turn it into an opportunity to achieve personal goals.

Introduce yourself:

When you enter to an event, be sure to introduce early. This will be great chance to show your confidence and to let people know about you. Start with a general wave, scan the room, make an eye contact, and then tell your name. The early you start the conversation, the better it will get familiar to the place.

Do not make a speech:

Do not think of starting a prepared speech as soon as you introduce yourself. You have to allow the conversation to flow by itself. Ask other people about the vents they are attending, point out the unique things that have been arranged by the organizers, and share your information for making a possible impact.


You will not be able to relax if you keep on talking about yourself and sharing too much information. The best way is to let the other person speak, during that time collect your own thoughts and practice mindfulness. Relax by slowly focusing on your breathing, exhaling, and inhaling. Remain engaged and present by completing focusing your senses. It will help you a lot in staying calm even during the conversation.

Via: Addicted2Success

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