6 Books to change your life

The availability of so many books in the world makes it difficult to choose the best ones for reading. Some books teach us about a new skill, some are entertaining, and some help us to shift our entire perspective. But there are some books that give us a deeper understanding of life and help a lot in improving it.

Seeking out more books can no doubt improve your life but only if you start reading them. Following are the few books that can actually improve a lot in your life:

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The untethered soul:

Author: Michael A. Singer

This is a book that helps you to transform your relationship with yourself. It teaches you that how you can put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that are responsible for limiting your consciousness.

Love yourself like your life depends on it:

Author: Kamal Ravikant

Self-love is not given much importance in today’s world where as a person’s entire behavior life depends on it. This book very simply describes that when you love yourself, your life becomes much better. When you start taking care of yourself then your life starts to depend on it. There are so many simple exercises given in this book that can help you increase self-love and become happier.

How to fail at almost everything and still win:

Author: Scott Adams

This book is a lot about self-improvement along with being inspirational and entertaining. It provides a lot of solid advice for working in the corporate world and how to turn your losses into big wins.

How to win friends and influence people:

Author: Dale Carnegie

There are very few good books that provide you with a concrete advice on strengthening relationships and improving your social connections. This book is one of the best to learn how to make people like you, how to handle people, and how to influence their minds without triggering any hatred.

Miracle Morning:

Author: Hal Elrod

A lot of stress is being given nowadays on changing the morning routines. It is because the morning rituals set the tone for your entire day. Hal Elrod in this book talks about the importance of a morning routine. It explains how you can take control of your entire day just by getting a proper morning routine.

The obstacle is the way:

Author: Ryan Holiday

This book teaches you that how you can turn your adversity into an advantage. Obstacles are the inevitable part of life but reacting to them is completely under your control. You can lean into these obstacles and find the opportunities for growth. Obstacles are the only way to learn, improve, and achieve.

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