5 Behaviors of conscientious people

One of the personality traits of the big five personality theory is conscientiousness. It is one of the qualities that keep a person in high discipline and rather than acting spontaneously, it makes them follow proper plans. This is the reason that conscientious people become successful in whatever they do. It makes people aware of how they control, regulate, and direct their impulses. They become good at formulating long-range goals, organizing and planning routes to those goals, and to work carefully in order to achieve them.

If you feel yourself convinced by the benefits of conscientiousness, then following are the few things you need to stay careful about:

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Impulsive purchases:

When you go for shopping you usually make impulsive purchases. You raise the stakes on yourself by purchasing things that are not very much required by you. You don’t realize that the hard earned money goes to waste in no time. Conscientious people avoid such kind of purchases. They only keep in mind the things that they actually need, it makes them less likely to exceed their bill and do not cheat on other taxes to fill up the gap.

Writing down:

A million-dollar lesson that is not taught in schools is that you remember things well when they are written on paper. Conscientious people are very well aware of that and prefer writing down everything that they are required to do.

Stand up straight:

The posture of a person reflects their attitude. People make perceptions about others on the basis of their personality and a slouched person never gets good remarks. For keeping high self-esteem or and to do things the right way, conscientious people always stand up straight. Their appearance makes them positively correlated with their work performance.

Keeping promises:

Conscientious people are aware that making promising is not enough, fulfilling them is what that makes them honesty and integrity. They commit themselves fully to what they say, uphold their commitments and build trust in their relationships.

Display a high level of anatomy:

By being conscientious, people sidestep from the stress they otherwise can get engaged in badly. They pay attention to problems; they stay informed to what goes on wrong and take responsibility for it. Instead of dwelling in the problems, they start dealing with everything even in the start and live a life of satisfaction.

This article originally appeared on Forbes

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