5 ways silence can make your life better

The advancements in technology have enabled us to connect to anyone in the world. But sometimes it challenges us to think about whether or not it really connects us. It is because the human interaction decreases with the modern technology. Our smartphones have made us aware of most of the events going on around us but it is not bringing any good impacts on our health, mind, and body.

Following are the five ways that can help us to find more time in silence and to allow our mind and body to relax.

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Become more centered:

According to scientific studies, the moments we disengage from our routine life, sit in silence, and take rest improve the folding or the cortex. It improves our brain’s ability to process the information this can be started with setting aside even ten of our day for observing silence and visualizing a peaceful setting.


Once you feel more centered, you will become more aware of yourself. Sometimes the external voices and other factors control our emotions and do not allow us to listen to our internal thoughts. But as soon as you embrace silence, you will easily listen how your internal feelings respond.

Memory will be improved:

In the hippocampus region of the brain, the availability of silence causes growth which results in a better memory. When we combined solitude with a walk in nature, it activates and alerts our brain as compared to when we keep sitting.

Avoid burnout:

In the quest to do achieve more productivity, we do not allow our brain to rest. As much as our physical body needs rest, our brain needs the same. The best way is to take breaks between our work periods in order to avoid burnout.

Foster more ideas:

Daydreaming that is typically seen as useless is now being characterized as an essential experience for giving a rest to our brain. Boredom or daydreaming is considered to be a source for incubation for creative ideas.

The article first appeared on Rype Magazine Website

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