6 skills you must learn to develop your charisma among people

Looking at charismatic people it does seem that some people are born likable. But no matter your personality and your looks, there are certain traits that can be practiced and applied to your own behavior. There are few skills that can make you likable among people in no time. You just need to pick up the right ones for you.

Eye contact:

People decide whether to trust you or not when they first meet you. This decision is made unconsciously on the amount of warmth and competence that is conveyed through eyes. When someone is talking, you need to really focus on what is being said to you and respond them for what the other person is asking for.

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Smile and show enthusiasm:

Smiling is an effective way to convey warmth as people mirror the body language of a person they are talking to. Along with the warmth, you also need to show energy and interest. This is contagious and draws people towards you.

Remember names:

You need to keep the names of people in mind that you meet. Calling them by their name will make them feel great.

Active listening:

Simply hearing words of a person who is talking to you is not enough. You need to be active in listening to what they are trying to convey. You must paraphrase what you have heard to ask clarifying questions. Be sure to get all the information before responding to what you are being told or asked for.

Make everyone feel included:

It feels very bad being left out from a conversation therefore whenever you are talking in a group, include everyone in the discussion. You will get their attention in this way and will make everyone comfortable.

Don’t jump to conclusions:

Sometimes in an attempt to end the conversation, you jump to conclusions. This can make you less likable among the people you are talking to. Your final words can leave a lasting impression, therefore, avoid making a judgment, and choose your final words wisely.

Via: Business Insider

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