Until the lamp light of your study table becomes spotlight of the stage

Fear and procrastination are the two important factors that hold back our progress and ability to break the barriers. These barriers are usually self created rather than imposed on us by the external factors. We always blame lack of resources to our failure. It is actually not the lack of resources but lack of being resource-full that is the main reason that holds back our progress in life.

The abundance of ifs and buts in our daily vocabulary is often the reason we do not take the courage to make actions. Scientists have proven that it is our mind which is a main mechanism of self destruction or for going through the motions to conquering the heights of success in our life.

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By default, our mind is program to be defensive, it does not sends out the signals to take a risk. Strengthening our mind, enforcing the will within can result in extraordinary course of events. A strong mind encourages us to take actions and that is the direct signal sent to the brain by a very stong ‘will’.

Mel Robbins, a CNN anchor has written an amazing book called the ‘5 second rule‘ that exercises on the importance of strong will taking over the weak mind and resulting in definite actions.

The video below defines the significance of “The 5 seconds rule” applied in military, schools.

Slouching, procrastinating and being fearful leads to a life with no purpose. If you desire growth and success, want to achieve your goals then make a promise to yourself that you will let go the fear and will pursue the life you always intended to live.

Life begins on the opposite side of the fear. The moment you strengthen your mind, the whole perspective changes.

If you are determined that unless and until, irrespective of what may happen you will never give up – you start to look at things differently.

The word ‘Until’ could be a strong medium in helping you to capitalize on your mental strengths. Remember, no one can change your life except yourself.

The following lines can make you super charged in your life and also make you hungry for success.

Until it’s not heavy anymore, until the reason of your existence is known, until your idols become your rivals, until you reach your goals, until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.

Until you are proud, until lamp light of your study table becomes spotlight of stage, until something positive happens, until it is finally done, until you punch your hands in the air with joy, until they look at you in dis-believe and ask how did you do that.

Until you have proven a point, until they want your autograph, until there is a pin drop silence when you talk, until your presence is felt, until your absence is felt.

Until they say we are proud of you,

Until you have the last laugh,

It is not over…


You’ve Finally ‘WON’

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)