5 Scientific ways to be happier

Different choices need to be made in order to stay happy because happiness in actual, needs effort. Sometimes things happen that we apply labels to. It depends on how much the event impacts us. Sometimes we decide to be happy and sometimes we decide the result should leave us sad. Happiness is a choice and is absolutely not the easy one. For declaring yourself as happy in a situation, you require effort to go against the flow. Through reported effort, it becomes easier and with practice, happiness can become a default state.

Famous Psychologist Jonathan Adler conducted a series of tests for a theory called mixed emotional experience. Following are the easier ways to seek happiness:

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Recognize yourself:

It is important to recognize who you actually are instead of pushing yourself to something you are not. The researchers have found that forced positivity leads to greater discontent. Therefore, forgive yourself for what you are not and accept the ability that you have.

Welcome the complexities of life:

According to researches, people who are open to accept the positive and negative emotions possess an overall positive psychology and wellbeing. Better moods were observed among people who accepted both good and bad feelings.

Worst can happen:

Preparing yourself for the worst of time has been around for ages. When you stay aware about the worse situations, you observe them much exaggerated when you come across them in reality.

Stay close to people you love:

Studies have proved that happiness comes immensely when you are around the people you love. So whenever, you feel like getting caught up in a depressed situation, get close to the people you like to spend time with.

Learn something new:

When you develop a weak trait or try to improve your character by learning something new, you eventually become happier on daily basis.

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