5 Ways Millennial are raising kids differently than their parents

The cohorts born between 1980 and 2000, the number of millennial has increased exponentially. Times have moved on and the Millennial who were once just portrayed through the prism of youth have now grown up embracing the parenthood. Raising kids is totally different for millennial moms and dads from the generations before them. They are open-minded and take help from the variety of sources that the modern world has provided them.

Following are the ways they are raising their kids differently from the previous generations:

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They are confident in their parenting skills:

The researches that have been carried out state that 57% of the millennial moms are confident with the ways they are raising their kids as compared to the 48% of the Gen X moms and the 41% of the baby boomer moms. Although fathers in all three categories rank themselves lower than mothers.

Millennial are likely to form the traditional families:

As compared to the 61% in 1980, the researchers have found out that 46% of the kids living in the household were living with two married parents. Whereas in 2009, the oldest millennial in their 20s were mostly single parents.

Waiting longer for kids:

The age of the mother for having the first child has also increased as it was 22.7 in 1980 and went up to 26 in 2016. This is because more and more women are acquiring education and are becoming a part of the workforce.

They are struggling more financially:

As compared to the previous generations, millennial parents are having harder times. According to Washington Posts, the millennial parents are earning less as they would have in 1980. Along with the children’s expenses, millennial parents are paying for their own student loans which make it difficult for them to set aside money for their children’s higher education.

They use the internet as part of their life:

For children of millennial parents, Google has become a reliable grandparent, the new neighbour, or the new nanny to get all kind of advice. It has made the parents more aware of their child’s development as compared to the parents of previous generations.

Via: Business Insider

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