5 reasons why you shouldn’t shy away from negative or tough experiences in life

In the history, most if not all revolutionary breakthroughs have been a result of a suffering or a difficulty which explain the unmistakable paradox that loss and pain is the biggest motivator for growth. It is because in your comfort zones you usually do not have the impetus to move forward. You may think that how to live in a world where there is no pain and still achieving success. But there are certain reasons that you need to go through mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges in order to advance, mature, and rise beyond your current state.

Following are the reasons that explain why you shouldn’t shy away from negative or tough experiences in life:

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1- Pain encourages to adapt to changes and move forward:

Once the failures strike your ways, you are forced to rethink about the decisions you made. In tough situations, you are pushed to think carefully about the choices to make. The setbacks make you open your eyes and become aware of your weaknesses. Once you realize your pain and shortcomings, it evolves your thinking and you consider things which you have not ever thought about before.

2- Pain forces you to make choices:

There are times in life where you ignore choices because you don’t get enough courage to choose from them. But these are the experiences that shape your development and growth. Instead of walking away from making decisions, you are required the path that leads to your goals. Regardless of the pain, you are supposed to make hard choices and should stick to them for fulfilling your dreams.

3- Pain make you humble:

One of the important reasons why you get to achieve success through suffering and pain is that it makes you humble. When you feel you cannot do anything on your own, you begin to see people around you as helpers not just as competitors. You ask for help and become open for learning and sharing your own ideas and thoughts.

4- Pain helps to form new ideas:

While remaining on the success path, you remain ignorant of the new ideas and keep drilling on the old methods because they are considered safe. But once you get into a difficult situation, you attempt to fight from a situation of either giving up or making a way out. As a result of your painful experiences, you think beyond your typical thinking which helps to form new ideas. It gives you more courage, strength, and wisdom.

5- Pain gives you experience:

Your books cannot teach you as much as your experiences. When you go through difficult situations, you get to know the do’s and don’ts of making certain decisions. The obstacles you face no matter hurt you on the way but make you more resilient for your future.

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