4 steps that can help you to move forward with your life

You may have not paid attention but life has been tapping you on the shoulder for a while and whispering that it’s time to do something different with it. It is because you are longing for a change in direction and want to do something that fulfills you. A change of direction gives you a new sense of purpose in life, except, you cannot figure out what to do next. Not knowing means you feel stuck, lost and stressed.

But you need to take back control of your life to shape your future and realize your greatest potential. It can be done best with practicing morning meditation. The practice of meditating in the morning not only helps clear your mind but also helps you to prepare for the challenges of every day.

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Following are the few steps that can help you to move forward with your life:

  • Setting mood for the day:

You may have heard that what you do in the morning sets your mood for the day. Which means that by deep breathing you can set your mood in a relaxed mode at the beginning of a day. Get settled at your favorite place at home in  the morning and sit in a way whatever makes you feel alert and comfortable as well. Let the sunshine come in by opening the curtains and it would be better if you could breathe in the fresh air. Just this feeling will give you the energy to stay super active and your mood will be set for the entire day ahead.

  • Set a timer:

When you think of meditation, you feel like it’s a waste of a lot of time. But in actual it is not true. Meditation can be done for few minutes and that time will be enough to make you feel fresh. Set a timer to help prepare your mind for the work. Once you set a time for the meditation practice, you will feel the time passing by quickly.

  • Pay attention to breathing:

The most important thing that you might think when meditation comes to your mind is what to focus on. The best way to make your meditation practice actually work is to focus on your breathing. When you will focus on your breathing, you will get disconnected from the world around you. Once your attention is focused on breathing, it will help calm your nerves during anxious times. It will help you better understand your own feelings and emotions.

  • What to do with the lingering thoughts?

Meditation requires you to focus completely on your breathing. But during the process, you will feel numerous thoughts lingering through your mind and distracting you from your focus. According to experts, let these thoughts pass by and continue focus on your breathing. But if you are meditating to think about solving an issue, then allow these thoughts to come in and you will see the answers hidden in them. Once you become comfortable in focusing your thoughts at one place, you will better be able to concentrate on your work and you will see a big difference in your productivity.


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