5 mistakes that can hold smart people back at work

Most intelligent and smart people look at the world the way they want to. They see everyone through the glasses of same deep-seated belief that may often impact their personal experiences or their emotions. But just being smart doesn’t make them fewer mistakes. These are the mistakes that sometimes hamper their career and hold them back from success.

Following are the few dumb mistakes that hold smart people from achieving their full potential

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They consider thinking and talking same as doing:

Success cannot only be achieved by thinking; it needs actions to achieve goals in life. No matter how smart you are, you need to roll your sleeves up and make things happen.

They do not focus on communicating clearly:

Communication is the only way to convey your message to other people. Communicating does not just mean sending of the message but it means to make sure that it has been conveyed clearly.

They don’t give importance to feedback:

You cannot become a champion without working on your weak points. The feedback allows you to improve performance and do well on what needs to be worked upon.

They believe in perfection:

This is the most dumb mistake smart people make, they believe in perfectionism. Their perfection theory often drives them away from many opportunities that come along every day.

They consider being smart an essential thing:

Smart people often believe that being smart is everything that is required to be successful in life. But this isn’t so; experience in many cases is much more valuable than intelligence. Sometimes people achieve success not because they are smart but because they have experience on their hands.

Via: Business Insider

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