Google’s update about the next support for Nexus and Pixel phones

For the users who are thinking about upgrading their Nexus or Pixel, for them Google has recently launched an update. This Google update supports page reveals when the platform will stop offering telephone and online support for the devices.

In the past Google had stated that for at least two years its phones will get the Android updates and security updates for three years. But once the security update will stop, it will bring an end to the phone and online update as well. According to the information revealed on the Google’s support page, the company seems to be sticking to its plans this time. In 2016, Pixel and Pixel XL were revealed will only be able to get updates till 2018. The security updates will be given until October 2019 which is the same time that the Google will end its customer service for them.

Around September 2018, the Mountain View will also stop support for the Huawei made Nexus 6P as well as for the LG made 5X. This will be a year once they will stop getting updates for new OS. The users who own a Nexus 6 or 9 will be able to get the security updates will October this year. After that users will not be able to contact with Google either through chat or by call for seeking help for the issues that have been encountered with their device.