Google gives Android 0 the 8.0 version number

The Android 0 developer’s preview was announced at the Google 1/O n 2017. It didn’t reveal major changes but it enabled users to find some differences in their next-generation Android device. This time, the third developer’s preview is out. The next version of the Google’s mobile operating system Android 0 will be the Android 8.0. According to reports, this will only be a contest between a 7.2 designation and the 8.0 designation. The designation has been confirmed by the Google itself.

The third developer’s preview focuses on numerous features of the upcoming 8.0. By looking at the magnitude level of Android, the new version level was necessary. The new preview brings a big change to the Notification panel. The notifications are now snooze-able and come with complete restored settings. The Notification Channel customizes each notification app wise. And the notifications can be set in Group settings as well as individually.

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Extending the apps with Android 8.0 will help drive more engagement, offer latest interactions, provide more security and control to users, and even improve their app’s performance.

Via: Cnet, Android Police

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