5 Books that can instantly fuel your growth

Reading is the most effective way to learn something and develop your mind. Books help you to gain knowledge, develop ideas, strategies, and motivation with each page that you turn. According to research, all successful people in the world advocate reading as the most important factor for achieving success. Although there are plenty of books to read but only a few of them are suggested to be devoured thoroughly.

Following are the books that can help to improve mental health and have a good impact on self-growth as well as personal development.

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The One Thing:

Authors: Garry Keller with Jay Papasan

This book is regarded as a national bestseller and helps you understand how to overcome the six major lies that stop you from attaining full potential. It provides various strategies to help you determine your true purpose in life and identify the one thing you want yourself to be fully focused on.

How to win friends and influence people:

Author: Dale Carnegie

This one book has been translated into many languages which prove its influence over the readers. It helps you to understand how important your first impression is and how can you become a better conversationalist for positively affecting other people’s minds.


Author: Marcus Aurelius

According to the author, your life’s happiness depends upon the quality of your thoughts. The book covers ideas on personal growth, the purpose of life, human judgment and the universe. Anyone who wants to stand up against their inner fears and have an appreciation for the things they have been blessed in life, this book is a must-read.

The Daily Stoic:

Authors: Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

This book provides 365 saying on wisdom, perseverance, and enjoyment of life. It is not all, every famous quote is complemented with personal stories of either the authors or the successful leaders. These are the stories that stimulate new ideas and help you evaluate life in a new way.

Obstacle is the way:

Author: Ryan Holiday

In this book, the author showcases the power of negative thinking. It is packed with different stories of how success was attained by famous leaders and successful entrepreneurs. It explains how they took practical action in order to provide you the motivational boost you need to pursue your dreams despite the challenges you face.

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