6 steps you need to take in order to recognize and deal with being a perfectionist

Many people think that being a perfectionist makes them look good but true perfectionism is a flaw more than an asset. It is because if perfectionism is not managed, it can turn into an obsession. Perfectionists are fabulous people only if they stay in control. Their supervision requires patience and a unique approach.

Following are the steps you need to take in order to recognize and deal with being a perfectionist:

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Observe your own behavior:

When you are a perfectionist, you often lose track of your own behavior. You need to observe how you behave with your friends, family, and colleagues. You need to check the standards you are setting as they might be too high and you will never be able to reach them. When you have the traits of a perfectionist, you select very few things to put your effort in so be very careful in what you choose.

Understand the reason for perfectionism:

When you develop the trait of perfectionism, you need to understand where you got it from. Go back to your childhood and remember what happened when things didn’t go your way and how you dealt with them. Remind yourself how you were pushed beyond your limits or compared to others? You will find the answers and will understand the situation in a better way.

Make a list of your beliefs:

When it comes to managing your perfectionist habits, you need to make a list of the beliefs about mistakes and failures. When you will write them down, you will realize many of the points as irrelevant as there is no one who cannot make mistakes. Mistakes are a natural part of life. Therefore, accept the truths and reframe your attitude towards perfectionism.

You don’t need to be perfect every time:

It is good to set high standards but you don’t need to be perfect at everything and every time. Start by believing that there are few things in your life that you will do well and some will be done poorly. Consider yourself normal and prone to mistakes just like others. Understand that your failures in life have nothing to do with your value as a human being.

You cannot control everything:

You cannot control everything that is around you so you need to accept that humans are imperfect. Understand that no matter what you are engaged in may it be taking care of a child, giving a speech,  etc. you don’t need to come out perfect every time and the setback you will face will teach you a lot more than anything else.

Know when perfection counts more:

There are times when you wish you could have worked till you achieved perfection. Going for perfection makes sense when you are applying for a job, trying to set up a team, or making an effort for achieving a medal. Therefore, save perfection for better things in life and relax when things do not require you to do your best.

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