5 Behaviors that stop you from getting promoted

Being passed over for promotion can be the most disheartening news you can get. It leaves you with a bruised ego when you make a failed follow-up discussion with your boss over what happened. It is a mystery why you stay away from being passed for promotion. But you may not realize that there are some behaviors that keep you away from getting a better position.

If your annual review is coming up that can get you promoted then following are the behaviors you need to avoid:

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1. Not acknowledging contributions of the team members:

According to experts, when it comes to managing, it is all about you. It means when things get bad over some decision, then all the responsibility falls on your shoulders. If you make other people responsible for the mistakes, you will never be getting any promotion. If you adopt a constant negative behavior, do not cheer people, and do not acknowledge when others are right, you will not be considered for promoted.

2. Asking for a promotion again and again:

You cannot get a promotion by asking other people. You can ask for it in a sensible way but the more you deliver and bring up results, the more closer you will get towards promotion. Once you deliver, come up with better results, and then you can ask humbly for a promotion or a raise.

3. Make the promotion all about you:

Another thing that can stop you from getting promoted is that when you make it all about yourself. When you tell your boss that a promotion can be helpful with your career goals instead of bringing any improvement to the company, then you lose the chance of getting promoted. Make it clear with your work that how you are adding value to the company.

4. Being emotional:

When you get frustrated or upset when it comes to promotion, it presents you more of an emotional person than a sensible one. For being acknowledged for your efforts you need to focus on facts instead of feelings and prove how your experience has brought improvements to the company.

5. Give up and get impatient:

This is something that will get you stuck in your job for your whole life. Being impatient will make you give up on your job so soon and you will be left with no job. Instead of losing your patience, improve your work and deliver to your organization, you will be promoted because of your efforts.

Via: Entrepreneur

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