Younger users are losing interest in Facebook

According to latest forecast on social media usage, young people are losing interest in Facebook. Even though Instagram has been able to gather interest of young people in last few years, snapchat still remains the most popular and preferred social media platform for kids.

According to eMarketer, this year  less than half of US internet users with age range of 12-17 − will use Facebook only once a month by using any device. Facebook is continuously attracting new users worldwide because of its innovative app such as Facebook Lite which connects people with low internet bandwith but majority of those users are elderly people.

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The number of total Facebook users in the US will reach 169.5 million this year, up just under 1% from 2017. In 2018, the number of US Facebook users below 11 years old will decline by 9.3%

eMarketer also forecasts that Facebook could lose around 2 million users aged 24 and below this year.

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